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Mediation, arbitration and litigation in all aspects of business law (tax, administrative, commercial)


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Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes without the need to go to court. It involves an independent third party – a mediator – who helps both sides come to an agreement.

Mediation is a flexible process. During the mediation procedure, the parties involved in the conflict, independently come to a mutually acceptable solution, based on the experience, knowledge and skills of a mediator. Resolution of the dispute depends entirely on the will of the parties involved.

Mediation techniques are based on negotiations in line with the co-operation.

The process of mediation ensures impartiality and objectivity of examination of the situation, and also has a number of advantages:

  • Mediation helps to save time, money and emotional power of participants of the dispute.
  • During the meditation process, conditions, organization, regulation and process content can be defined individually.
  • Mediation is focused not so much on the conflict (decision who is right and who is wrong), but also on the search for constructive solutions.
  • Regarding to the time expenditure and schedule of meetings, mediation can be easily adjusted to the needs of participants and to the emotional and personal aspects of the dispute.
  • At the same time the scope of private interests of the parties is fully protected, because the process of mediation is a confidential process.
  • The agreement reached at resolution of the dispute using mediation, as a rule, is more durable and responding to the reality, which not only contributes to their implementation, but also makes their implementation a mutually acceptable and as a natural step.

At the present time, mediation is widely used in Europe, the USA and Australia, as an alternative, at the same time, an effective tool for the resolution of disputes between the parties.


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