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Outsourcing of accounting services is a kind of cooperation, whereby a specialized company takes on the function of organizing the accounting records. At present a constantly growing number of businesses use accounting outsourcing. It is natural, because third-party ordering of such services helps quickly putting in place even the most complex accounting system, and reducing the costs for accounting and its adequate support.

Our company is able to provide accounting outsourcing at the highest level as our highly experienced professionals represented by certified accountants and certified auditors ensures optimized financial reporting of your company in the shortest possible terms.

Certified accountant is an experienced accounting specialist of the highest qualification, who works according to the accounting system under the current legislation and is holder of certificate.

Certified auditor is a certified financial accounting specialist of the highest category and license holder.

These are accountants and auditors of our company certified under international standards that provide complete systematization of financial statements, making statements compliant with the many requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

In turn, accounting includes a wide range of services, from drafting primary documents to preparing and drawing up a full set of financial and tax statements, as well as a full range of services of payment of salaries, from simple calculation to support for inspections carried out by inspecting authorities, services of personnel records.

The accounting reporting is the basis, the „skeleton” of any company that carries on business, and includes:

  • Document processing
  • Keeping current accounting records
  • Creation of documents
  • Account management
  • Reports to the social insurance fund
  • Tax planning
  • Protection of customer’s interests
  • Ongoing counselling
  • Assistance in recording cash transactions

Provision of the above services by means of outsourcing by certified accountants and auditors ensures a high level of quality of provided services.


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