BULR - Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners Moldova

Financial Consultants & Legal Advisers

We are not just solving problems, we anticipate and prevent them

Our company is the largest legal and financial consulting company in the Republic of Moldova. Our goal is to offer consulting

services at international standards to active developing companies in our country and help them to adapt to the specific Est-European market conditions.

Our Team

Areas of expertise

Our company provides different legal and financial consulting services, the main ones are:


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HR and

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Support to International
Companies Representatives

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Why work
with us

I. Outsourcing

Outsourcing services is becoming even more advantageous. More experience and qualified expertize for the same money

II. Centralized Contact

Having a single contact for all possible business issue, is much more efficient.

III. Reliability

Insurance against possible losses for all services provided

IV. Experience

We do not just solve the problems – we prevent them, by using all our resources and being always informed about changes

Our clients