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When Your Business Needs Accounting Services


In a constantly evolving business environment, it can be challenging to stay up-to-date with changes in accounting and tax regulations. Therefore, the demand for accounting consulting services, which provide professional advice on tax and accounting matters, is increasing.

When to hire an accounting consultant for your business There are various scenarios in which a business may require accounting advice, including:

  • opening or liquidating a business;
  • the need for accounting services in an existing business;
  • business expansion (e.g., opening new branches);
  • preparation of reports for tax and insurance agencies;
  • changes in tax laws;
  • absence of an in-house accountant or an underperforming accounting department;
  • high tax burden;
  • transitioning to a different tax system;
  • assisting during tax audits.

In general, companies that provide such services offer businesses one-time consultations, such as during reporting periods, as well as outsourcing services, where a consultant takes over the accounting management for an extended period.

An overview of the scope of accounting consulting An accountant can offer a range of services to an enterprise, depending on the purpose of the consultation:

  • comprehensive accounting for the entire enterprise or specific departments;
  • developing accounting policies and local regulations;
  • preparing and processing primary documentation;
  • accounting restoration;
  • managing accounts receivable;
  • maintaining cash sheets;
  • managing human resources records;
  • preparing documents upon request from tax and other authorities;
  • providing guidance to employees on accounting matters.

BULR is a company that offers professional business advisory and high-quality accounting services in Chisinau. If you need the guidance of an accountant with expertise in accounting or taxation, do not hesitate to contact BULR. Let the experts take care of the accounting while you focus on the essential tasks for your business.


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