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When does a business need legal advice?


There are several situations in which legal assistance might be necessary, including:

  • developing and approving contracts, drafting protocols for disagreements, creating additional contract agreements, and monitoring contractual obligations;
  • drafting claims and complaints;
  • drafting lawsuits, and petitions to the court;
  • keeping up with legislative updates and adjusting local regulatory acts accordingly;
  • representing the legal entity or entrepreneur in court, administration, or other bodies;
  • resolving personnel issues;
  • conducting internal investigations, and addressing employee accountability.

A business owner can choose to hire a full-time lawyer or use legal consulting services on an as-needed basis. Consulting firms often have specialized staff who can offer a wide range of legal services tailored to the specific needs and scope of the business. These services may include:

  • consultation on business organization and liquidation;
  • taxation;
  • real estate transactions;
  • intellectual property;
  • contractual work;
  • claim and litigation management;
  • due diligence (investment evaluation);
  • labor law and more.

Consulting services provided by BULR can assist businesses in Moldova to achieve success. The company provides professional guidance on legal and financial matters, ranging from resolving labor disputes with employees to conducting legal document examinations.

If you’re seeking expert consulting support for your business in Moldova, don’t hesitate to contact BULR. The team is equipped to tackle urgent business tasks and facilitate long-term projects that demand ongoing legal assistance.


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