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Safeguarding Your Trademark: Ensuring Legal Security for Brand Protection


Registering the rights to a trademark does not automatically ensure its protection. Unethical competitors can exploit the achievements of someone else’s brand without hesitation, not only depriving the rightful owner of profits but also causing harm to their reputation. Seeking professional assistance for brand rights protection can compel competitors to acknowledge the unauthorized use of your brand and provide compensation to the affected business.

Can you easily prove trademark infringement?

There are various instances of unauthorized trademark use. The most common forms include:

  • Displaying someone else’s trademark on a signboard.
  • Selling and labeling products under another brand’s trademark (counterfeiting), both in physical stores and online.
  • Utilizing someone else’s brand for advertising services and products. This encompasses cases where a competitor’s name is used to promote one’s own website in top search results.
  • Incorporating someone else’s trademark within a domain name.
  • Illegally importing goods under someone else’s trademark.

Establishing the fact of illegal trademark use can be challenging. When safeguarding a client’s brand rights, lawyers consider significant indicators such as:

  • The extent of similarity between two marks, to the point of causing confusion.
  • Consistency in the goods or services provided (the company should operate within the same or closely related industry as the trademark owner).
  • Profiting from the unauthorized use of another’s trademark.
  • The absence of permission from the trademark owner to use their mark.

Intellectual property disputes are frequently resolved through legal proceedings. Our competent lawyers at Bulr offer comprehensive consultation services throughout the lifecycle of a brand, from document preparation for registration to disputes involving brand rights protection. Seeking trademark protection from Bulr is crucial for ensuring uniqueness, identification, and safeguarding the company’s interests, as well as establishing a competitive advantage and market value.


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