Safeguard Your Trademark: Professional Consultation on Legal Protection and Registration by BULR - BULR

Safeguard Your Trademark: Professional Consultation on Legal Protection and Registration by BULR


A trademark serves as a unique identifier for a product or service, enabling a business to differentiate itself in the market. Trademarks are considered intellectual property and are protected under the legislation of the Republic of Moldova. By registering a trademark, the owner is granted exclusive rights to use and safeguard the mark, preventing unauthorized usage by others.

When do you need expert assistance for trademark protection?

Securing legal protection for trademarks requires a comprehensive understanding of the law. That is why it is crucial to entrust this task to qualified professionals.

At the stage of trademark registration, businesses may require expert legal assistance. A knowledgeable consultant can:

  1. Conduct a thorough examination of the trademark to ensure its compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.
  2. Compare the trademark with existing registered marks to identify any similarities or identical elements, thereby mitigating potential disputes in the future.
  3. Prepare the necessary documentation for trademark registration and submit it to the appropriate state registration authority.

After the registration process, ongoing protection of the trademark becomes crucial. Instances of trademark misuse can lead to legal action, particularly when third parties:

  • Sell products or services under someone else’s trademark;
  • Utilize someone else’s trademark for advertising their own products;
  • Create a visually similar trademark that could potentially mislead customers or buyers;
  • Display the trademark without authorization on the Internet, banners, television, and other platforms.

Bulr’s team of lawyers is fully prepared to assist in preparing all the essential documents required for filing a court claim to protect intellectual property rights, both within and outside the Republic of Moldova. Additionally, Bulr provides comprehensive consulting support to its clients regarding the application of regulations pertaining to brand and trademark protection.


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