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Registering a Company in Moldova’s IT Park: Tax Benefits for Business


Moldova is an attractive country for investment, business development, and IT companies.

BULR is a large consulting company that offers legal services, including financial and legal consulting, audit, and mediation for both local and foreign companies entering the new Eastern European market.

The IT Park, operating in Moldova since 2018, is a program that provides preferential conditions for companies in the information technology sector. These conditions include a simplified tax payment procedure, a virtual workspace, and a simplified procedure for interaction with government agencies.

Company Registration in the IT Park: Benefits

Tax Benefits

  • Employee salaries, bonuses, and premiums are not taxed. Instead, the company pays a single tax of 7% on revenue, which significantly reduces the tax burden.

Social Security Contributions

  • Regardless of the amount of salary that the company pays to its employees, social security contributions, such as sick leave benefits, pensions, and maternity and childcare benefits, are calculated at 68% of the average salary in the economy.

No Tax Returns

  • Employees do not file tax returns if they have no sources of income other than the IT Park.

Opportunities for Development

  • Tax savings can be used for company development: employee language training, creation of new jobs, purchase of more modern office equipment, additional health insurance for employees

To qualify for MITP resident benefits, companies must meet the following requirements:

  • The company must be registered in Moldova.
  • The company must be engaged in IT activities.
  • The company must have at least 5 employees.

BULR is an official partner of Moldova IT Park. BULR experts provide legal services and consultations, and help IT companies from different countries register as residents of Moldova IT Park and take advantage of tax benefits.


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