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Legal Services and Consultations: Trust BULR Professionals for Legal Support


Running a business is always risky, and even experienced entrepreneurs can sometimes struggle to deal with the challenges that arise on their own. Checking the reliability of a future counterparty, debt collection, and disputes with tax authorities are all issues that experienced entrepreneurs say are best left to professional lawyers.

What is Legal Consulting?

Legal consulting is a broad area of business consulting that focuses on solving legal issues. Legal consultants are typically experienced professionals who are experts in their field and can handle even the most complex legal situations.

What tasks can a legal consultant solve when working with a company?

  1. Preparing regulatory and local acts and conducting legal reviews of operating agreements in the organization.
  2. Tax optimization (tax consulting).
  3. Organizing contractual work at the enterprise, developing draft contracts, their approval, and termination.
  4. Debt collection from the counterparty, which may involve legal proceedings if necessary.
  5. Addressing conflicts with governmental entities, potentially through legal channels if required.
  6. Providing assistance during the bankruptcy and liquidation procedures.
  7. Resolving disputes with employees, handling material and disciplinary liability.
  8. Engaging with the brand: handling trademark registration and protecting intellectual property rights.
  9. Managing real estate transactions (purchase, lease), conducting pre-transaction property assessments.

Legal consultants can work with a company on a one-time basis, handling a specific task, or for an extended period of time, providing comprehensive business support in all areas.

The legal consulting services for businesses offered by BULR provide expert assistance and a personalized approach to each client’s specific issues.


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