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Legal Consulting in Moldova: What is Due Diligence and How is the Procedure Carried Out?


Today, not only large businesses, but also medium and small businesses are considering the due diligence procedure. After all, it is important for businesses of all sizes to assess the risks of a potential partnership or financial investment.

What is Due Diligence?

The English term “due diligence” is translated as “ensuring due diligence” and refers to a comprehensive procedure for analyzing an investment object. The main goal of due diligence is to reduce risks, including risks of default, loss of finances, and property.

Legal entities, land plots, or real estate objects can serve as an object for due diligence.

The initiator is typically an investor, either an entrepreneur or a company considering investing money in real estate, buying land, or entering into a business partnership. The larger the investment is planned, the greater the risks, which means that the investor needs more reliable information about the investment object.

Due Diligence Services in Moldova

BULR provides comprehensive due diligence services. A team of specialists in the field of law and finance is ready to provide a comprehensive study that will help you make sound business decisions and minimize risks.

How Does Due Diligence Work?

The procedure is carried out by invited or in-house specialists of the company in accordance with the terms of reference. The terms of reference are developed by the customer with the direct participation of the contractor and reflect the most important aspects of the future verification.

BULR due diligence services may include:

  1. Legal review: Analysis of the legal aspects of your business, including contracts, agreements, licenses, and other documents.
  2. Financial assessment: Analysis of financial statements and identification of potential financial risks.
  3. Risk assessment and compliance: Verification of the company’s compliance with laws and regulatory requirements.
  4. Asset valuation: Verification of assets and rights to them, which helps to understand how assets are valued and how legally protected they are.

Choose legal services from BULR, the largest consulting company in Moldova. BULR works with clients in a variety of business areas, providing high-quality due diligence services in Chisinau. Our services help clients to reduce risks and achieve successful results.


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