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Law Firms in Moldova: Providing Business Solutions


Running a business is impossible to imagine without various aspects such as financial planning, risk assessment, interactions with tax authorities, and numerous other situations where the expertise of a professional lawyer is indispensable. While large companies can afford to maintain an entire team of specialists, small and medium-sized businesses often find a solution in legal consulting and outsourcing contracts with lawyer-consultants. Presently, law firms in Moldova offer an extensive range of business services, encompassing investment consulting and representing companies’ interests in court.

When businesses turn to consultants for help

There are numerous circumstances in which a business may require legal advice:

  • Business registration, liquidation, and bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Acquisition and sale of shares in the authorized capital.
  • Issuance and sale of shares.
  • Business restructuring, such as separation, merger, or opening of branches.
  • Real estate transactions involving sale, purchase, lease, and disputes pertaining to these transactions.
  • Investment planning.
  • Contractual matters, including the development of contract templates, additional agreements, coordination of draft contracts, dispute resolution, and claims management.
  • Tax planning, optimization, support during tax audits, and resolution of tax disputes.
  • Intellectual property matters, including audits, brand selection consultations, and resolution of related disputes.

Based on the specific issue at hand, the law firm assigns a lawyer with expertise in the relevant branch of law to assist the company.

BULR Law Firm in Moldova: Supporting Your Business

At BULR Law Firm, our specialists possess extensive experience in resolving legal matters of varying complexity. Our legal consulting services are particularly sought after by representative offices of foreign companies operating in Moldova. By seeking assistance from lawyers well-versed in the nuances of local legislation, foreign companies ensure compliance with legal norms, mitigate risks, and enhance the efficiency of their operations in Moldova. This paves the way for the establishment of long-term and prosperous business relationships within the country.


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