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HR and Payroll Without Headaches: Trust the Professionals at BULR


Human resource management and payroll are time-consuming and complex tasks that require a lot of time and effort.

Mistakes in HR and payroll can lead to fines, penalties, and employee dissatisfaction.

Full outsourcing of HR functions is becoming increasingly popular in business. Business owners find it more efficient to hire a third-party contractor for recruiting and managing personnel. A comprehensive approach to HR management includes:

  1. Recruitment and selection of personnel: A specialist helps to define the requirements for candidates, conducts the selection of employees, organizes interviews and checks.
  2. Paperwork: A specialist develops standard forms for formalizing employment relationships, including employment contracts, orders on hiring, as well as documents on dismissal and transfers.
  3. Work time management: Assistance with the implementation of a time tracking system, including accounting for employees’ working hours, vacations, sick leaves and other absences.
  4. Payroll and tax accounting: The specialist will ensure accurate payroll calculation, accounting for all tax liabilities, as well as preparation and submission of reports in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.
  5. Performance management and staff development: Assistance in developing a system for evaluating employee performance and career development plans.

BULR is a large consulting company that offers not only legal, but also high-quality HR and Payroll services for businesses.

Experienced HR and payroll specialists will help make these processes as efficient and trouble-free as possible for the business. Experts also provide consultations on HR and Payroll issues.

With BULR experts, you can be sure:

  • Personnel records are kept in accordance with the law.
  • Employee salaries are calculated correctly and on time.
  • Tax accruals and reporting to government agencies are submitted in a timely manner and without errors.


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