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Financial Consulting for New Businesses


Financial consulting is a type of business consulting service that focuses on improving financial management efficiency, identifying additional resources, and ultimately increasing business profitability. Depending on the business’s goals, they may require a one-time consultation or long-term support, with the consultations focused on addressing immediate issues or strategic planning.

One highly sought-after service is financial advice for startups.

Financial consulting for startups:

Financial consulting services for business startups can help avoid common mistakes such as improper assessment of the project feasibility, poor budget planning for the initial launch and operation period, lack of a comprehensive business strategy, difficulties in finding investors or business partners, and tax planning challenges.

Understanding the role of a financial advisor:

At the stage of business creation, financial consulting can offer a range of services depending on the company’s specific goals, including project assessment to identify risks and prospects, assistance in developing a business plan, budgeting (i.e., creating a comprehensive budget and distributing budgeting responsibilities within the company’s divisions), financial modeling, asset valuation, advising on investment opportunities and strategies, tax consulting, tax registration, and tax planning, credit consulting, and insurance consulting.

At, our team of consultants are dedicated to providing expert financial solutions that comply with the regulations of the Republic of Moldova. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored services to each of our clients, regardless of the size or complexity of their business needs.


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