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Conditions for the Acquisition of Moldovan Citizenship


In recent years, there has been a growing interest in acquiring Moldovan citizenship. Foreigners find Moldovan citizenship attractive for a variety of reasons. One reason for this trend is the opportunity for visa-free travel within the countries of the European Union. Moldova has signed free trade agreements with several countries, which opened up new business and investment opportunities, further contributing to the interest in obtaining Moldovan citizenship. The accessibility of Moldovan citizenship is also a significant factor contributing to its increasing popularity, as it can be obtained relatively quickly and without incurring substantial financial costs. Moldova’s legislation offers multiple pathways for individuals seeking to acquiring citizenship, as long as they meet the necessary requirements.

What are the criteria for acquiring Moldovan Nationality?

 There are several criteria for acquiring citizenship of the Republic of Moldova, including:

  • Being born on the territory of Moldova, even if your parents are foreigners;
  • Adopting a child who has Moldovan citizenship;
  • Being an adoptive parent who is a citizen of Moldova;
  • Legally residing on the territory of the country for 10 years (8 years for refugees and stateless persons);
  • Being married to a citizen of the country for more than three years and having lived together on its territory;
  • Living for at least three years with children or parents who are citizens of Moldova;
  • Investing in the country’s economy.

 Individuals who were born in Moldova or born of a Moldovan parent or have ancestors who are Moldovan citizens, as well as those who lived in certain Moldovan territories before 06/28/1940 or left them before this date and their descendants, are eligible to obtain Moldovan Nationality through recognition.

The applicant seeking to obtain Moldovan citizenship is required to provide a set of documents in accordance with the law. These documents include:

  • application;
  • passport or identity card;
  • marriage certificate;
  • certificate of birth or death of ancestors;
  • autobiography;
  • police clearance certificate;
  • solvency certificate;
  • state language (Romanian) certificate.

Not everyone seeking to acquire Moldovan citizenship is familiar with the legal requirements. The process of obtaining a Moldovan Nationality can be made easier and faster by utilizing the migration consulting services provided by BULR. The company’s team of experts offers guidance and support throughout the process, helping with all necessary paperwork.
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