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Citizenship of the Republic of Moldova: How to Get It and Why It’s Important


The citizenship of the Republic of Moldova has become increasingly attractive to foreigners in recent years. This is also due to the relatively simple procedure for obtaining it. What are the advantages of Moldovan citizenship and how to apply for it?

Freedom of movement

The number of countries with a visa-free regime with Moldova is constantly growing. This means that with a Moldovan passport, you can travel more easily to the European Union, the Schengen area, and the CIS. It is also more convenient to do business with a Moldovan passport.

Access to the European labor market

Obtaining Moldovan citizenship gives you access to the European labor market and the opportunity to open businesses throughout Europe and in countries with which Moldova has concluded association and free trade agreements.

Benefits for investors

Moldovan citizenship allows foreign investors to enjoy various benefits, such as reduced tax rates.

Benefits for the family

If one of the family members has Moldovan citizenship, it greatly simplifies the immigration process for spouses and children.

How to become a citizen of the Republic of Moldova

There are legally stipulated conditions for obtaining Moldovan citizenship. If you meet these conditions, you will need to prepare a package of documents. These documents include:

  • application;
  • passport or identity card;
  • marriage certificate;
  • certificate of birth or death of ancestors;
  • autobiography, including information on the place of birth, occupation and education;
  • police clearance certificate issued by the country of usual residence and local police;
  • solvency certificate;
  • state language (Romanian) certificate.

The specific documents required for obtaining Moldovan citizenship will vary depending on the basis for obtaining citizenship.

It is advisable to go through the process of obtaining Moldovan citizenship with a lawyer. By contacting Bulr, you will receive qualified legal assistance in preparing the documents and save time and effort. Our team of lawyers can also provide you with support in the field of business relocation to Moldova. We have extensive experience in providing legal assistance to companies seeking to enter the Moldovan market. Even in the most difficult situations, BULR continues to protect the interests of its clients and achieve the desired results.


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