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Bulr: Comprehensive Accounting Services – Confidence in Business


The law obliges businesses to not only pay taxes and contributions on time, but also to submit reports on the financial side of things in the prescribed manner. Violation of the reporting procedure, as well as the deadlines for paying taxes, may entail consequences for the organization in the form of large fines and legal proceedings.

To avoid possible troubles with the tax authorities, you should take the issue of accounting and taxes seriously. There are several solutions: you can hire an accountant to the staff, do the accounting yourself, or outsource the accounting to a third-party company.

Accounting Services: Options

Increasingly, businesses use outsourcing for accounting. This allows you to save on a full-time accountant and get access to professional accounting services and consultations.

  1. Full Accounting Services (Accounting Outsourcing)

Suitable for companies that want to completely outsource their accounting to a third-party organization. Includes: maintaining all sections of accounting, preparing and submitting accounting reports, personnel records, payroll.

  1. Partial Accounting Services

Suitable for companies that want to keep some sections of their accounting in-house. Includes: maintaining separate sections of accounting, such as personnel records, payroll, preparation and submission of reports.

  1. Accounting Consulting

The service is suitable for companies that want to get a one-time consultation on accounting issues. Includes: answers to questions on accounting, reporting, tax optimization, tax calculation.

A careful approach to choosing an outsourcing company for accounting services will allow you to avoid problems and get quality services. Bulr company offers comprehensive accounting services and guarantees financial security to its client.


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