BULR: Business Advocacy and Dispute Resolution with Government Agencies” - BULR

BULR: Business Advocacy and Dispute Resolution with Government Agencies”


Interacting with public authorities is an essential aspect of conducting business today. From business registration and tax payments to land lease agreements, there are numerous situations where engaging with government agencies becomes necessary. However, it’s important to note that mere application does not guarantee success, and there may be instances you can get rejected.

Resolving disputes with government agencies can be a time-consuming process, typically requiring a significant investment of time and a thorough understanding of the relevant regulatory acts that govern the interaction between individuals or legal entities and government bodies. In certain circumstances, it may even involve legal proceedings.

Therefore, it is always advisable to seek the assistance of professional lawyers who can effectively represent the interests of your company.

Dispute types

The following are among the most prevalent types of disputes that arise with state authorities:

  • tax disputes (issues such as penalties, fines, and unjustified tax assessments);
  • land disputes;
  • residential disputes (changes in premises status or redevelopment matters);
  • Insurance disputes;
  • Customs disputes (the refund of overpaid fees);
  • Administrative disputes (appeals against decisions or challenges to the actions of government bodies).

Bulr Consulting Company: Professional Advocacy for Your Interests

Bulr Consulting Company offers advocacy services in resolving disputes with government agencies for individuals and legal entities. Our team of experienced lawyers follows a systematic approach to ensure effective resolution. Here is how we handle it:

  1. Our lawyers thoroughly assess the legal aspects of each case, diligently studying applicable laws, regulations, and precedents related to similar matters.
  2. We devise a strategy tailored to your specific situation.
  3. Our team prepares all necessary documents, including complaints, statements of claim, petitions, and more.
  4. During the pre-trial stage, our lawyers represent you in interactions with the relevant government bodies and actively participate in negotiations.
  5. Should the conflict require litigation, our skilled lawyers are prepared to represent you in court as your trusted representative.

The experience of Bulr.com demonstrates that no situation is without hope. Engaging a specialist in a timely manner enables us to resolve conflicts with utmost advantage for our clients while preventing any negative repercussions.


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